5 Foods to Fight Flu and Cold

5 Foods to Fight Flu and Cold


Don’t ever underestimate the power of fresh ingredients when it comes to keeping yourself healthy. These 5 foods will help you fight flu and cold that you occasionally get:

Button mushrooms

A study form 2008 found that white button mushrooms can enhance the immune system with the antivirals and other proteins which are released by their cells. These mushrooms also contain polysaccharides which are very helpful in activating cells that destroy cold and flu.


Since orange boosts your immune system because it’s packed with vitamin C, it will keep the doctor away. If you take the daily recommended dose of vitamin C, 90 milligrams for the average male and 75 milligrams for the average female, you will most probably shorten the duration of the cold or flu. But, it doesn’t mean that it will certainly prevent you from catching a cold.

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Almonds fight the cold and flu directly. According to an article from 2010, almonds skins are found to improve the ability of white blood cells to detect infections and to increase the defense against infections. The thought is that eating almonds regularly will help you not get a cold, or if you’re already sick, it will shorten the duration of it.


Grapes are also very beneficial when it comes to fight against a cold or a flu. Resveratrol, which is contained in the skin and seeds of grapes, can reduce the inflammation in your body. But that’s not all. This wonderful fruit also contains a lot of vitamin A and C, which are known for their fighting ability against the symptoms of colds.

Peppermint tea

A study has found that peppermint, which is full with antioxidants, thins mucus, soothes sore throats and helps dry coughs, all at the same time. Another two studies have shown that the body of the people who drink tea is more immune to fight against fungi, viruses and foreign bacteria, and that their blood cells responded five times faster to germs than those who drink, for example, coffee or nothing at all.