5 Tips For a Perfect Run

5 Tips For a Perfect Run


Running is very important, whether you’re doing it for its health benefits or for the adrenaline. If you’re running regularly, you might experience the following benefits: stronger bones, controlled weight, better mental and physical health. We’ll help you with your jogging with 5 tips for the perfect run!

Running is free and does not require a special equipment. You can do it whenever you desire. It might be exhausting and painful, but believe me, it’s worth it.

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Here are five tips that will help you experience the perfect run:

Comfortable sneakers is a must

For a good run it’s crucial to have comfortable sneakers. They shouldn’t hurt you or make you calluses. It’s best to go shopping for sneakers in the evening, because our feet tend to swell during a busy day and the sneakers should be a little roomy. Not too much, but enough to wiggle your toes. They should be comfortable from the first step.

The perfect playlist

If you listen to music while running, you might not even notice how many miles you’ve run. It’s always more fun to run with some cool tunes. You should pick songs and playlists that pump you up, it will make you run more fun and enjoyable. Just remember to not listen to it too loudly because you won’t hear the cars passing by.

Find a running buddy

To run with a friend is always more fun than doing it alone. But it’s very important to find a buddy that will motivate you, push your limits and be there on a regular basis, instead of dragging you down and discouraging you.

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Increase your exercise

If you want to know when to increase your exercise, you might follow this very easy rule: generally, you should increase the amount of miles you run by 5-10% every week.

Water, water, water!

Drinking a lot of water while exercising is very important. That will help you stay energized, and more importantly, hydrated. In normal circumstances, you’ll need to drink water when you’re doing runs that are longer than one hour or 6 miles (10km). But, if you’re running shorter runs and it’s very hot, you might also need water to stay hydrated and prevent dehydration.