6 Exceptional Health Benefits of Yoga

6 Exceptional Health Benefits of Yoga


Do you know about the many health benefits of yoga? It will not only strengthen your muscles, but it will also soothe your body and mind. It will help you feel relaxed and at ease. Also, some new research shows that if you exercise yoga you’ll have many outstanding physical and mental health benefits.

The main philosophy of yoga is simple: mind, body and spirit are all one and cannot be clearly separated. Still, there is a numerous of philosophical ideas developed just by looking into the deeper dimensions of the body, mind and spirit.

benefits of yoga

Here are just six of the many benefits of doing yoga:

Boosts flexibility 

Performing yoga poses, you are stretching your muscles, which helps you become more flexible and it also loosens your muscles. Some research shows that people who did yoga increased their flexibility by 35% by doing it for just 8 weeks. Imagine what doing yoga on a regular basis could do!

Increases muscle tone

Besides from being a calming activity, yoga is also very physical. Many yoga poses enhance your core and increase your muscle tone. These poses will help you build strength in your hamstrings, lower back, upper body, abs and quadriceps.

Reduces stress

Yoga focuses on meditation and helps you forget about your frantic day and any problems you may have. It’s scientifically proven that the relaxing activity reduces stress and anxiety. A recent study showed that participants who did yoga for 12 minutes a day for 8 weeks experienced a lowered response in their immune systems’ inflammation which occurs when the body is over stressed. Inflammation is also a major contributor to many stress-related chronic diseases.

Improves cognitive functions

While reducing stress, another study suggests that yoga can improve your cognitive function. It looks like that, according a study, doing just 20 minutes of yoga a day helps increase your brain function and improve your concentration and ability to retain information.

benefits of yoga

Better posture 

Ehwn doing yoga, you’re doing standing and sitting poses, which requires you to use your muscles. Working your muscles to maintain these poses, helps you become more strong and flexible, as well as improve your posture. Yoga will help you develop a stronger core and become more consciousness of your body. If you practice yoga, you’ll be more prone to stand tall and sit straight up.

Helps people manage bipolar disorder 

A study showed that doing yoga can help people manage bipolar disorder. The study surveyed a group of 100 people and asked them to rate how yoga has changed their lives and helped their ability to cope with bipolar disorder. Most participants reported yoga provided positive emotional effects and reduced anxiety, and one in five people called yoga life-changing.

It’s obvious that yoga produces many physical and mental benefits that can improve your health and overall well being. To get the most out of your yoga experience, it’s better to have a good yoga gear and to make yoga a part of your daily routine.