ATTENTION: 3 Natural Cosmetic Ingredients Can Cause Health Problems

ATTENTION: 3 Natural Cosmetic Ingredients Can Cause Health Problems


Today, we have tons of products on which there’s a label “natural”, but are they really safe? Beware because these 3 natural cosmetic ingredients can cause health problems.

Even if you tend to buy your cosmetic made of organic and natural ingredients, it can still be risky for your health. You should know that only because something is labeled “natural” it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe.

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Actually, the following three ingredients are as natural as they get, but sometimes they can cause you serious health problems. You should be careful and always read the labels.


Lavender is an ingredient which can be found anywhere, from soaps and shampoos to perfumes. Normally, it’s a calming ingredient, but it can also cause allergic reactions to some people. So, beware when you choose your products and make sure you’re not allergic to some of the ingredients it contains.

Another worrisome thing is that the results from a small study conducted in 2007 showed that lavender, as well as tea tree oil, can cause gynecomastia which is an abnormal breast tissue development in boys.

Shea butter

Shea butter is an ingredient used in a lot of body and hair products. This ingredient is derived from a tree nut mostly found in Africa. There’s been some medical reports of people who had an allergic reaction to Shea butter, and many people say that people with nut allergies should avoid this product, since Shea butter itself is a tree nut.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is a natural product and does wonders for your skin. It can be used to treat warts, acne, nail fungus etc. But even if it’s very healthy for some, it can be dangerous for others. Actually, tea tree oil can cause allergies, manifesting from minor rashes to blisters. So, if you’re allergic to some of the other plants in the same family as the tea tree, such as: guava, eucalyptus, allspice and clove, it’s highly possible that you could be allergic to tea tree oil. Also, it has been found that from 50 to 73% of tea tree oils are contaminated with unknown substances, which can also be harmful to your health.