Healthy Drinks for Healthy Kids

Healthy Drinks for Healthy Kids


To be healthy doesn’t mean just eating healthy. Drinks, as well as the food, have major role in your kid’s health. Did you now that the average kid of 4 to 5 years old consumes 1/5 pound added sugar each day? Here’s what you need to know about the healthy drinks for kids.

Added sugar is mostly consumed by eating candy, desserts, but mostly, drinking sweet drinks, such as some fruity store-bought drink. In order to function properly, your child’s body needs to drink healthy drink every single day. The healthiest beverages that your kid could take are water and milk.

Water – always the best solution

Water is the perfect choice when it comes to healthy drinks for your child. We all need it because it has numerous health benefits, such as: regulating the body temperature, fighting-off infections, transporting oxygen to our cells, etc. It’s extremely important to teach your kid to have the habit of drinking water as a thirst-quencher. The amount of water that your child should drink is about 5 to 8 cups of water each day, but it also depends on the level of activity and the age of your child.

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Milk – Calcium and Vitamin D

It’s vital that your kid gets the proper amount of calcium and vitamin D that he needs. You can achieve that by serving them milk and other dairy products, in case of a lactose intolerance and allergies, such as: soy, rice, hemp, oat milks and almond. Most of the time you should choose fat-free (skim) or low-fat (1%) milk. If your child is 9 years old or older, you can give him 3 cups of milk a day, but if he is under 9 years old, he should consume between 2 and 21/2 cups a day, depending of the age.

A little tip: if your kid doesn’t like the taste of milk, you could make him a smoothie, which will provide him the vital fruit and calcium amount at the same time.

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Juice and Soda

You should limit the amount of juice that your kid is taking. The best fruit juice for your kid is the homemade 100% pure juice, because the store-bought juice will probably contain added sugars and calories. It may also be the reason for your child developing sweet tooth. Limitation is the key: for kids 6 years old and under – 1/2 to 3/4 of a cup per day; for older kids and teens – 1 to 11/2 cups per day.

When it comes to the soda, you should avoid it as much as possible, mostly because your kid won’t have any benefits from it. Stay clear from all kind of sodas, energy drinks, sports drinks and even diet drinks. These kind of drinks are today’s main reason for children’s obesity.

Remember that you’re the one that decides what your kids drink – they’ll drink whatever you’ll buy.