Prevent a Heart Attack in JUST ONE SECOND

Prevent a Heart Attack in JUST ONE SECOND


This is an amazingly easy home remedy on how to prevent a heart attack as soon as you see the first symptoms.

According to the doctor John Christopher, you can prevent a heart attack with only one ingredient in just one second. This magic ingredient is CAYENNE PEPPER. This doctor confirms that this method is very effective in preventing heart attack.

prevent a heart attack

If someone close to you, an acquaintance, a friend or even someone you don’t even know experiences symptoms of a heart attack, all you need to do is apply the method that we’re offering you.

If the person is conscious, you should give them a glass of water in which you have dissolved a teaspoon of cayenne pepper and they should drink it as soon as possible. If however the person is unconscious, you need to put a few drops of the water and cayenne pepper extract under the person’s tongue.

Another thing that helps a lot is, as soon as you see that the person starts experiencing the first signs of a heart attack, tell him to cough intensely.

Dr. Christopher says that this method will last for only several minutes, but it works miracles when it comes to saving people from heart attack.

This guarantees that only a few minutes later, the person will wake up and the heart beat will start normalizing.