7 Teething Remedies for Babies

7 Teething Remedies for Babies


Everybody who has or had a child know that when the teething time comes for the babies, it can be painful both for the baby and for the whole family! That’s why we’re sharing with you some teething remedies for babies!

The teething period for a baby can be extremely unpleasant and painful. Some of the symptoms are: irritability, trouble sleeping, sore gums, loss of appetite, excessive drooling, and of course the urge to chew on everything. The symptoms usually start showing three to five days before the appearance of each tooth. And that’s a lot of cranky days and sleepless nights. You should know that full set of 20 baby teeth can take three years to develop. However, we have some teething remedies for babies that can help both you and your baby during this difficult period.

 1. Frozen washcloth
If you’re in any luck, this may be the most effective remedy for teething and also the cheapest one. All you need to do is wet a clean washcloth and put it in the fridge or freezer for half an hour. Then give it to your little one to bite and suck. The textured fabric plus the numbing effect from the cold could be the perfect calming combo.

teething remedies for babies

2. Wood teethers
If you’re one of those people who prefer all-natural materials, you should choose the wood teethers for your kid. Additionally, there are some babies that might like chewing on something harder.

3. Homemade teether with frozen fruit
This is another very easy homemade remedy that you can make it very easily. All you need to do is wrap some frozen fruit in a clean washcloth or handkerchief. Besides helping with his teething problem, this may get his interested in eating again because he will taste the sweetness from the fruit. Now, there are some mesh teethers available in the stores.

4. Facial massage
If you’re baby allows you, you can rub his face, jaw and gums in a circular motion. Sometimes they’ll resist and it’s unsuccessful but other times it hits the spot. Babies sometimes massages themselves by rubbing their jaw against the mattress.

5. Gum massage
There are two options when it comes to this remedy. The first is massaging your child’s gums with your clean finger or knuckle. But you should know that this is most helpful when your kid doesn’t have any teeth yet. The second option is buying your baby a gummy teething stick. This will help him massage his gums and relive the pain.

6. Amber necklaces
Amber bead necklaces have become increasingly popular. Amber contains succinic acid, which is a naturally occurring substance. Some people believe that it can be a natural pain reliever, anti-inflammatory, and calming to the nervous system when worn against the skin. Since necklaces could break and loose beads are a choking hazard, make sure that the beads are individually knotted. For safest use, these are recommended for children older than 36 months.

7. Cold foods
Cold foods, such as yogurt or applesauce, can be a tasty way to gently numb sore gums. If you baby is older and eats solids, you can give him to chew on some cold foods such as: celery, carrots, and even watermelon rinds. This can be perfect for putting pressure on swollen gums. Just make sure that your baby doesn’t bite off chunks too big to manage.

Those were some of our teething remedies for babies. Do you know some other remedies that weren’t mentioned here?