Beer Hair Masks and All About Beer for Hair

Beer Hair Masks and All About Beer for Hair


You can use beer for hair rinse or like a part of homemade beer hair masks. Beer that was made from natural ingredients contains a lot of nutrients that your hair likes. Because beer is made from yeast, malt and hop there is a lot of vitamins B, Cooper, Phosphorus, Magnesium and iron in it.

Beer is very good for oily scalp and hair because the alcohol cleans and stimulates blood circulation of the scalp. If you have oily hair you can use some beer hair masks or only for hair rinsing. Beer will give your hair volume and shine. Additionally your hair will be more obedient if you going to make some hairdo.

We know that many people have some doubts about using beer for hair treatments. Especially, they are concerned about the alcohol, smell and the color.

First of all, there is nothing wrong with using the alcoholic beer for hair masks or other treatments. Please note that you should use beer only if you have oily hair. Beer doesn’t fit for dry scalp and dry hair and/or if you are using very aggressive hair dye. It will make your hair drier and make the scalp feel uncomfortable. However, if you have dry hair and scalp and if you still want to use all the useful ingredients of the beer, you have to remove the alcohol from it. To do that, you need to heat the beer up but not boil it.

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For those who are concerned with the smell: you will have to wash out the beer with flowing water (shower). The smell will disappear in a few minutes after this. So, no problems at all!Concerning the color of the beer, if you have dark or dark-blond hair you can use any kind of bear. However, if you have very light blond hair or your hair was bleached, it is better to avoid using bear because it can darken your hair.

Beer hair rinse

This is the simplest way to use beer to improve the look of your hair. You can use light, warm and flat beer (you need to leave the beer open for 30 min or 1 hour). It is better to find organic beer without preservatives. Wash your hair like usual, wash down the shampoo and after that rinse it with beer. Don’t wash the beer right away, keep it on your hair for 3-5 minutes. After that rinse out the beer with clear, running water.

Mask with beer and eggs (for oily and normal hair only)

Put one egg yolk to 100 ml/3 oz beer and mix it. Rub the mixture into your scalp and distribute the rest of it by hair length. Put on a shower cap and keep mixture of eggs and  the beer on for 20 minutes. Rinse it out with water. Your hair will be shinier and will grow faster. Please keep in mind that this recipe doesn’t fit for dry hair. This should be done no often then once a month.

Mask for dry hair

Put in a glass of warm, flat beer, a teaspoon of olive oil. Mix it and apply it to your hair. Keep the mixture for 20 minutes and rinse it out with water. You can use shampoo if it is necessary. This mask will smooth out your hair.

Mask for thicker and longer hair

Flood 200 g/7 oz of rye bread with 500 ml/17 oz of beer and leave the mixture for 2 hours. You need to blend it in a blender. Apply the mask on clean hair, put on a shower cap and a towel to keep it warm. Leave it for 30 minutes. Wash out with water with a small amount of apple vinegar.

For all these solutions you have to use warm (room-temperature) beer and keep in mind your hair type. Start having a better looking hair today with these beer hair masks and treatments!