Luxurious Body Butter – Only 3 Ingredients

Luxurious Body Butter – Only 3 Ingredients


You always wanted a luxurious body butter but you’ve always found it too expensive? Well now with this recipe you can make it with only 3 ingredients!

This luxurious body butter is light, fluffy, creamy and leaves your chapped winter skin feeling silky, smooth and moisturized. After trying this you’ll never buy lotion again.

This body butter is made from just three ingredients and that’s it. No chemicals or unpronounceable, unidentifiable ingredients.

luxurious body butter


  • 1 cup organic coconut oil
  • 1 cup organic cocoa butter
  • essential oil of you choice


1. Measure out one cup of coconut oil and one cup of cocoa butter. Depending on the temperature of your kitchen, the coconut oil will probably be in a soft solid state similar to the consistency of Crisco. The cocoa butter on the other hand is more solid and you can use a butter knife to take out chunks out of it.
2. Put the coconut oil and cocoa butter into a small to medium saucepan on medium heat. Melt the contents until completely liquid, and there are no longer any chunks. It usually takes 4-5 minutes.
3. Transfer to a mixing bowl and refrigerate until the liquid becomes a soft solid again. This usually takes around a few hours.
4. Add your essential oil to your liking. You can use around two cap-fulls of the essential oil that you choose.
5. Take your mixer and mix this until it’s light and fluffy, similar to whipped cream consistency. It should take you about 10 minutes on a high setting on the mixer.
6. Transfer to a jar, and enjoy. That’s it!

Note: Because the body butter is made partially from coconut oil, you’ll want to store it at a comfortable room temperature. If it’s too cold, it’ll become pretty solid, and if it’s too warm it’ll turn to liquid. If it happens, no problem, just transfer it to a more temperate area.