Size and Shape of The Penis – All You Need To Know

Size and Shape of The Penis – All You Need To Know


What do you know about the size and shape of the penis? Each man has a different penis, with a different shape and size. There’s no two people with same penises. 

You should know that there is no right or wrong when it comes to the size and shape of the penis.

size and shape of the penis

Average penis size

Did you know that the average length of the penis is about 5-10 cm (2.5 to 4 inches) when limp and about 12-19 cm (5 to 7 inches) when erect (hard).

You should be aware that penises that are smaller when they’re limp, grow more when they’re erect. A lot of men have the complex of a small penis. But they shouldn’t have because when men look at their penis from above, it looks smaller than it actually is. Also, if the man is overweight, the penis may look smaller that it is because some of its base is hidden by the fat of his stomach.

Another thing you should know is that, your penis can be temporarily smaller if you’re feeling anxious or cold.

Does size matter?

When it comes to satisfying your partner, you must know that the size doesn’t matter. What truly matters is understanding your partner’s needs and responding to them accordingly. That way you’ll have much more fulfilled sex life and you won’t need to bother with the size of your penis.

Is curved penis normal?

It’s perfectly normal for your penis to be slightly curved upwards, or to the right or left when it’s erect. Nevertheless, if you feel any kind of pain due to the bend in your penis, such as pain during sex, you should go and see your doctor.

So, that was everything you need to know about the size and shape of the penis!