How To Have The Best Orgasm Ever

How To Have The Best Orgasm Ever


Men have often doubts if the woman is really satisfied or just faking it! We revealing how to have the best orgasm ever!

If you were having problems reaching an orgasm, after reading this you’ll be definitely happy and satisfied! Men often have doubts if the woman had really an orgasm or she’s just a great actress. So, why not, as a woman, take things into your own hands and take the lead? We’re sharing with you some tips on how to have the best orgasm ever!

how to have the best orgasm

Be direct
Explain to him what is that you really want, what turns you on and what you want him to do to you. Believe us, it’ll be a win-win!

Be tactical
Instead of discouraging him with a lot of criticism, you can try something new. You should try and include a little bit of dirty talk. He’ll wait impatiently for the next thing you’re going to whisper to his ear.

Seductive moan
Silent loving is hot, but nothing can beat the sultry, seductive moan of sexual appreciation in bed! The best way to enjoy great sex is to learn to sound sexy in bed and just enjoy the things that make you go… mmmmmm!

Encourage him after the intercourse
You should make sure to encourage your man after the intercourse. You can do that by simply telling him directly that you loved it and you want to do it again or by sending him a short message.

Talk about sex even out of the bed
If you tell him something that you like to do sexually, while watching a movie or taking a walk, he’ll remember it better than if you do that lying in bed.

We hope that our tips will help you improve your sex life and that you’ll both be happy, you and your partner!