Find Out Which Tea to Drink According To Your Blood Group

Find Out Which Tea to Drink According To Your Blood Group


Read this and find out which tea you should drink according to your blood group.

Tea is considered as one of the healthiest drinks and its impact depends on our blood group. Please follow the best combinations of herbs and teas according to your blood type:

blood group

Blood group A
These are emotional and analytical people prone to stress. So people with blood type A should drink: Taiwanese green tea also called Gunpowder, pure jasmine tea flower with the combination of jasmine and green tea Ying Hao, marigold and thyme will work perfectly.

Blood group B
People with blood type B have a slower metabolism, and they’re at risk of autoimmune diseases, obesity, lethargy and anxiety. They need to drink green tea, organic green or red rooibos tea without any sugar, milk or other ingredients. This will make them feel refreshed.

Blood group AB
These members are not intuitive and are prone to stress but have decreased libido. You should focus on specific types of mint green tea, peony, sandalwood and yellow tea. The mixture of green tea and mint is especially recommended for these people. Additionally, a mixture of nettles and mint will work good.

Blood group 0
People who have zero blood type should avoid milk and gluten. Although these people cope well with stress, they’re often troubled by stomach acid. The teas that are recommended for these people are based on ginger. The ideal choice would be a mixture of ginger and pure Japanese green tea Sancho.