With This Water For Just 4 Days You Will Discard Everything Which...

With This Water For Just 4 Days You Will Discard Everything Which Is Harmful For Your Body


You probably have not heart until now about raisin water but, it could quickly become your favorite drink. If you strictly follow this healing procedure which we offer to you, after only 4 days you will feel that your digestion is improved and you already will be full with energy.

Raisins or water from it, stimulates the biochemical processes in the liver and helps in detoxification.

Raisins is great source of antioxidants. They protect the body from free radicals that are responsible for the appearance of almost all oncological diseases.

Raisin is the drug which is able to make full cleanse of the liver and at the same time will protect the person from cardiovascular diseases.

How to prepare it?


It takes 2 cups of water (it is around 400ml) and 150gr raisin. But you need to choose dark raisins because they are more natural than others. The light ones often are result of chemical processing.

Place the water on heat and wait until it starts to boil. Then, place the raisins (wash it well) and leave it for 20 minutes to boil. Strain well and drink the water.

The water from raisins should be consumed at once – always on empty stomach and not less than 30 minutes before breakfast. This cleanse should last at least 4 days but it can last even all week.

It is nice to be done once a month in order to achieve lasting results.
With this drink also digestion is stimulated. It helps for better processing of nutrients in the gut by reducing the acids inside the body.