Take a Closer Look, The Color of Your Tongue Can Reveal if...

Take a Closer Look, The Color of Your Tongue Can Reveal if You Have Some Disease, Even if it’s Cancer


Surely the most of you have not heard about the ability of the tongue to indicate your health condition. Namely, its color may reveal certain problems which occur in the body, including cancer.

Therefore, it is of high importance not to overlook these symptoms, and if your tongue has changed in color, you should visit your doctor and check the issue.


The tongue includes numerous muscles which help us feel the taste of drinks and food, to talk, and swallow. The change of color may only be a result of a vitamin deficiency, but it can also indicate a rather severe health issue.

Here is how to read the signs of the tongue:
White tongue

The white color of the tongue may be a result of various factors. In most cases, it may be caused by the overgrowth of Candida on the mucous membranes of the oral cavity, which usually happens in the case of a low immunity or if the individual takes strong antibiotics.

Also, it can be caused by leukoplakia – a condition which leads to the creation of white spots in the oral cavity. It is a lesion which may cause cancer at times.

Yellow tongue

The yellow of the tongue is due to bacteria deposits. Moreover, the papillae can be inflamed if the body is dehydrated, if the mouth is too dry, due to smoking, in the case of high body temperature, if one breaths through the mouth, etc.

Yet, you can solve it by drinking plenty of water and maintaining a proper oral hygiene.

Black tongue

The accumulation of fungi and bacteria may often lead to a black color of the small buds of the tongue. Also, poor oral hygiene may change the surface of the tongue as a result of various drinks, foods, cigarettes.

It is not a serious health problem, but it looks unpleasant. Furthermore, the use of certain antibiotics, drugs, or mouthwash, may cause a black color of the tongue.

The consumption of high amounts of coffee or dehydration of the body may also lead to a black color of the tongue. If this issue persists for over 10 days, you should visit your doctor.

Despite discoloration, you may also experience pain in the tongue nodules. These are the most common causes:

  • Diabetes and anemia cause inflammation of the tongue
  • Stress may lead to ulcers on the tongue
  • Smoking may cause tongue irritations and pain
  • Certain women experience tingling sensations of the tongue in post- menopause
  • Cracks or small cuts on the tongue may be a result of fungal infections
  • Oral cancer is more common in smokers and drinkers, so you should consult your doctor if the pain lasts for more than 2 weeks

Source: www.healthy-holistic-living.com