How to Get More Instagram Followers: 9 Rules to Live By

How to Get More Instagram Followers: 9 Rules to Live By


Your obsession with Instagram is probably twofold: Not only do you regularly get sucked into spirals of looking at the photos of people like Kim Kardashian or whomever on a regular basis—you’re also equally enthralled with how to get more Instagram followers of your own. Don’t lie.

To that end, there are actual studies floating around out there that have tracked things like, well, likes—and followers—to find out how to up your numbers, scientifically. For example, social media research organization TrackMaven released a fairly large report detailing a number of different aspects of posting to Instagram that encourage the most engagement from your followers, and increasing the number of followers you have. We added their research to other studies we found out there to compile the nine most compelling things you can do right now to up your follower count. Ahead, your golden ticket to more Instagram followers.


1. Mayfair Is the Most Effective Filter

TrackMaven researchers found that while #NoFilter is the most used hashtag on Instagram, the Mayfair filter is actually the most successful at encouraging follower interactions.