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3 basic ideas for an active and healthy life

Active Life Ideas

Luckily, we are increasingly aware of the need to carry out a healthy lifestyle. Food, sports, activity and good habits are essential to enjoy optimal health. If you feel that you have to change some habits, then we present three ideas for an active life.

There are people who, without realizing it, have been anchored to a sedentary routine that can be very harmful for different aspects of health. However, although they have good intentions to change, they do not find the push to change the situation. If it happens to you, you should know that it is not necessary that overnight you become an elite athlete. The first step to achieve this is to become aware of the importance of change. Once you have acquired it, you only have to flow towards a gradual transformation and an active life.

Progressive changes towards an active life

It is not necessary that you make drastic changes in your routine because, in this way, it is likely that you will not achieve a permanent transformation. The trick is that the small changes occur in an almost imperceptible way, so that you do not have the feeling of fulfilling the typical New Year’s purpose.

1. Start changing some customs

It would be ideal if you started walking to those places for which you always use the car. If it is not possible, take public transport. Sure to walk from your house to the stop and stop to your destination, it gives you more activity than before. If you already used public transport, we suggest another idea: get off one stop earlier. Invent and be creative. The goal is to mobilize the body with a greater intensity than you did before. You will notice how, little by little, the roads that previously cost you, are now a joy. Take the opportunity to walk, think about your things and enjoy the achievements.

2.Inform yourself and feed yourself with awareness

Get fired up with the idea of changing your habits in eating. Eat five times a day, do not peck between hours and notice how good you feel taking certain attitudes. Forget industrial pastries and processed products with high fat content. This will give you more energy to stay in motion.

3. Physical exercise

Introduce the practice of physical activity three times a week. Sign up for a gym, try different directed classes or dare with an exercise table. You may be surprised, and discover that you can give more than you thought. When you have been exercising for a while, you will not understand how you have been able to spend so much time without him, since you will find yourself very well.