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3 Great Healthy Living Movies On Netflix


Maintaining a healthy living is almost as difficult treating an illness, to some extent, of course. As nowadays the most of us lack the free time needed to spare on healthy activities, such as jogging, going to the gym or whatever, and the food industry is more and more concerned for its profits than for our health, the outcomes are visible worldwide – increased childhood obesity incidence, more and more overweight adults, increased heart diseases incidence, and so on. However, we can learn more about how to avoid unhealthy living with these 3 great healthy living movies on Netflix.

We’ve already covered for you the best workout videos on Netflix and even presented you some of the best food industry documentaries on Netflix. Now, as an add-on to these, we’ll present you another 3 great healthy living movies on Netflix.

3 Great Healthy Living Movies On Netflix

That Sugar Film

If you like sweets a lot but want to quit consuming sugar, this health video on Netflix is dedicated to you. “That Sugar Film”, a 2014 healthy living movie, features Damon Gameau, who is determined to discover what eating the American average of 40 grams of sugar per day would do to his body.

However, he is not choosing to take sugar only from sweets and sodas but he also calculates the “hidden sugar” found in different foods the majority of us believe as healthy, such as yogurt and cereals.

Super Size Me

One of the “oldies but goldies” healthy living movies on Netflix, Super Size Me tells the story of Morgan Spurlock who decides to follow a totally unhealthy 30-day diet. Accordingly, he chose to eat only McDonald’s products for a whole month just to see how would this kind of diet damage his body.

This movie was an eye opener when it came out in 2004, as many Americans, who until then were unaware of how harmful is the fast food, opted for a change in their diets.


Happiness is essential to a person’s general health.

When people are happy, they are more likely to make good choices about their lifestyle, while, on the other hand, adopting a healthy lifestyle will make them happy, in which is a wonderful and everlasting cycle.

“Happy”, a 2011 documentary and one of the best healthy living movies on Netflix, explores what truly makes a person happy, taking it from the poorest guys in Louisiana to the monks, scientists and the richest people in the world, in order to grasp the secret of happiness and, ultimately, health.