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Top 10 Main Causes Of Cancer


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Cancer is one of the most serious diseases diagnosed in people throughout the whole world, and it is also an inexhaustible source of numerous analyses and studies, in order to find a cure, but some of these researches are also conducted to discover the real cause of cancer.

Namely, many “alternative” websites post lists of the ten major causes of cancer, but as previously mentioned, these facts and causes are kept in secret so the large pharmacy industry could earn more selling medicines to people diagnosed with cancer. There was also information that these causes have been long known, but still kept as a secret.

After the information about this manipulation leaked out in the public, we decided to give our support to those who are trying to open people’s eyes and we will also publish the list of the ten major causes of cancer.

Hormones In Milk And Meat

Farm animals are fed with artificial hormones in order to obtain larger quantities of milk and meat, and they cause infections, cancer, depression and many other diseases.

Mammography, Dental X-rays, Scanners At Airports

Did the technician in the Department of mammography forgot to tell you to pull over the protective cover over the chest before fleeing from the room? Yes, we are talking about deadly rays that cause cancer, even though ironically, you went there to check yourself in order to prevent cancer or react in time.